Our Javascript/Typescript library is the ideal way to utilize Memora’s API.

If you’re just getting started with Memora, we suggest you start with our quickstart guide first.


Quick example

Here’s a straightforward example of how to use our library:

import memora from 'usememora'


const citations = [
  'Life is like a box of chocolates.',
  'May the Force be with you.'

const metadata = [
  { from: 'Forrest Gump' },
  { from: 'Stars Wars' }

await memora

const docs = await memora
  .find('the movie citation about chocolates')

// TODO with response


The library employs the builder pattern, which makes it incredibly easy-to-use and ensures high readability, even for more complex queries. Here’s an example:

const docs = await memora
  .find('how to change my subscription to the pro plan')
  .where('tags', 'contains', 'support')
  .and('published_year', '>=', 2020)

Core methods

Our library mainly revolves around three core methods: add(), find(), and delete(). We’ll go into detail about each of these in the following sections.

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